Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Stations of Light (Via Lucis)

I made a pleasant discovery the other day while perusing my parish's website. Father listed a handful of activities that can be done during the Easter season to heighten one's awareness of the risen Lord. One of those activities is to pray through the Stations of Light. I had never heard of these before, but apparently they've been around for a while... maybe 30 years or so. I'm only presenting a basic snapshot here as meditations & additional resources can easily be found online.

The Way of Light has 14 stations, just like the Stations of the Cross.
Even the opening prayer is somewhat the same.

We adore You O Christ, and we praise you! 
Because by the wood of the cross & the light of the resurrection, you have redeemed the world!
First Station: Jesus rises from the dead
Second Station: The disciples discover the empty tomb
Third Station: The risen Lord appears to Mary Magdalen
Fourth Station: The risen Lord appears on the road to Emmaus
Fifth Station: The risen Lord is recognized in the breaking of bread
Sixth Station: The risen Lord appears to the community of the disciples 
Seventh Station: The risen Lord breathes peace & give the power to forgive
Eighth Station: The risen Lord strengthens the faith of Thomas
Ninth Station: The risen Lord eats with the disciples on the shore
Tenth Station: The risen Lord forgives Peter & entrusts him to feed His sheep
Eleventh Station: The risen Lord sends His disciples into the world
Twelfth Station: The risen Lord ascends into heaven
Thirteenth Station: Mary & the disciples keep vigil in the upper room
Fourteenth Station: The risen Lord sends His Holy Spirit

I personally find the Stations of anything (the Cross, of Light) daunting because of the amount of focus & time they can require when praying alone. In light of this, I try to take them in bite sizes... Maybe I'll spread the 14 stations over one week, doing one station in the morning & the second at night. Maybe I'll dole them out over 2 weeks & concentrate on just one throughout the day.

Its interesting to note that while the Stations of the Cross come from a more traditional understanding of the Passion narratives, the Stations of Light exactly mirror the readings for the Easter season. Whether you know it or not, if you've been tuning into the Gospel readings of the Mass, you've already been exposed to the Stations of Light.

Some other Easter activities Father suggested:
1) Make an Easter resolution
2) Remove the crucifixes from the house & replace them with the risen Jesus
3) At the end of the day, seek the presence of the risen Christ in prayer
4) Seek to grow in the fruits of the resurrection (peace, joy & love)
5) Grow in Eucharistic devotion
6) Read the resurrection narratives
7) Pray the Prayer of Abandonment after communion

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