Saturday, January 23, 2016

He is Not Here

Lately, I've been trying to get past the 1st Glorious mystery of the Rosary (the resurrection of Jesus), but something stops me in my tracks. I can see the woman in the garden, the angel on the stone... And as first light begins to bleed through the sky, he tells her, "He is not here." I can imagine the waves of shock washing over her. Was she beside herself, full of confusion, maybe even anger? And where were the guards? Weren't there supposed to be guards? Never mind that there was an angel sitting in front of her... Maybe she was hallucinating. When the flesh & blood "gardener" walked over to her to see what was the matter, she didn't recognize Him. She got kind of freaky, maybe falling to the ground, clawing at the hem of his cloak in grief. She asked where the body was, told him she wanted it, begged him to show her where he had put it. What was she going to do with a rotting corpse? This lady must have seemed certifiable. Her faith must have been all but destroyed. Reality told her He was dead. Resurrection was the last thing on her mind. It was only when the "gardener" said her name that she realized it was Jesus & everything was rainbows & unicorns.

I seem to be stuck in that moment of Mary's shock... that moment when her hope fell away, when a myriad of thoughts must have raced through her mind... What did she expect? Was Jesus a fraud? Had she been duped? Did someone steal the body? Did Jesus rise from the dead & just leave without saying goodbye? What now?

The tomb is empty.
"Where is He?!"
"He is not here."

What did Mary go to see? A rotting corpse or an empty tomb?
Apparently not the latter... And if she went to weep over a rotting corpse, what can be said for Jesus' credibility or her own faith that morning? It didn't matter. She wasn't leaving without Him. Jesus (dead or alive) was still worth something to her...

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