Friday, January 24, 2014

Being Catholic 2

Being Catholic for me has mostly been a solitary journey centered around the Liturgy of the Hours & the Rosary. In the Liturgy of the Hours, I daily encounter various hymns, Psalms & writings of the Church Fathers. In the Rosary, I encounter the life of Christ in 20 separate "scenes". Occasionally, I'll "fulfill my obligations" & make it to Mass & confession. But honestly, I find it hard to take the Church seriously in matters of obedience because leadership seems out of touch with God & each other half the time, not to mention the people.

When I pare away the hierarchy of Rome & the sensational "mythology" of the saints, when I take what the media & the non-Catholics have to say with a grain of salt & focus instead on Christ crucified, I'm much more at ease with my faith. I don't think being Catholic is about my relationship with the magisterium or my attendance at Mass. Its not about my affinity (or lack thereof) for Mary or the saints. Its not about defending my chosen expression from the criticism of outsiders. Its about my relationship with Jesus.

I want to make it clear that I don't advocate for "disobedience". I happen to agree that the priesthood should remain male. I don't however, agree that celibacy should be the hard & fast rule. I agree that abortion is wrong. I don't think I'm totally on board with the Church's view of contraception within marriage though. It seems cruel & controlling. I think if something gets in the way of my loving God & loving others as Christ loved me, that thing, whatever or whoever it may be, will get left behind. And, I've discovered, there are many Catholics who feel the same way... not that its right. While I don't advocate for disobedience, I do advocate for caution, wisdom & discernment. Not every sheep is a sheep & not every shepherd is the Lord's...

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