Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Friends in High Places

So I've been having some issues lately believing all the Catholic church has to say about Mary. She's supposedly my mother, my intercessor, my friend... but she's seemed strangely absent lately. Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed or I don't know what else to pray, I'll whip out my Rosary. Sometimes I'll feel peaceful afterwards & other times I'll trail off into silence, feeling kind of dumb for seeking friendship from some lady I've never seen before. Not that I've seen Jesus either, but that's kind of beside the point. Who is Mary & why is she important to my faith? I spent 30 years without her. What difference could she make in my life now? These are questions I don't have the answers to. I mean, I suppose I  have the typical catechetical answers at my fingertips, but they're not exactly real for me... I don't have a sense that I've "experienced" the truth about Mary just yet.

After weeks of praying for some sort of  assurance that it could be possible she's really out there watching over me, I think its funny that I should find her (or she should find me ) at a place called the Dark Side. The Dark Side is an indie movie house with all the typical indie trappings. Our particular theater was no bigger than someone's living room & we got there early, apparently to watch the ads scroll through in silence (over & over & over, 15 minutes past the scheduled start time). Kitchen chandeliers & dim lights shaped like golden grape clusters lit the room which was painted in red & black. I leaned back in my chair (appropriately upholstered with vintage fabric from the 70's) and pondered how people could come up with so many fonts to serve their various advertising needs. And then, I saw her. Up in the right hand corner of the room was a statue of Mary. She was perched at a slight angle, with her arms outstretched toward the audience... outstretched toward me. The folks with me pointed her out & I laughed because, yeah, it was kind of strange. There were no other religious items around... so what was she doing there, of all places? It felt kind of random. Maybe I'm just reading into things...
But then again, maybe it was a small gesture of kindness.

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