Monday, July 1, 2013

Ship of Fools

Well, I have to admit, I can't help but be slightly discouraged lately. I'm sick & tired of hearing about homosexual rights, the gay agenda, same sex marriage & equality for every other kind of sexual dysfunction a person can dream up. Its everywhere, even in the Church.
Just the other day, another story came out that a number of priests & high ranking Vatican officials have been involved in a homosexual pedophile ring operating in the city of Rome. Rumours of this nature were actually revealed years ago amid the widespread  flurry of reports concerning decades of sexual abuse. However, a few days later, the priest who "blew the whistle" said he made up the story out of revenge. ...Really?
Elsewhere in the news, a Vatican Monsignor was arrested for being involved in some kind of international banking scheme.
And not to be outdone, the archbishop of the Milwaukee, Wisconsin diocese is set to release a menagerie of records detailing the complaints of sexual abuse & what the local bishops did (or failed to do) about it. He said to "prepare to be shocked".
 Honestly, I don't think I can be shocked much more by all the corruption & crime in the Church. Am I part of the Body of Christ or a circus? These days, I'm not quite sure. Is any of it true? Are the retractions some kind of cover up? Is the media just blowing smoke in an attempt to discredit the Church? Who knows anymore.