Friday, June 22, 2012

Seeing Is Believing

Lastnight I was able to go to our monthly meeting for veterans of RCIA... I was happy to see familiar faces, but I lied outright when folks asked how I'd been. I felt bad for not expressing the whole truth, but I wasn't there to hijack anybody's ear. I sat quietly, listened to others talk & stumbled through a few interjections of my own...

When all was said & done, I made my way back to the car alone. The sun had just set & the storm clouds on the horizon still gave off faint hues of red & orange. I walked past the darkened church, slowing to look inside. I could see the outline of a few pews, but the altar stood in full view. Even from the outside looking in, it was clear that this was no ordinary table. The altar is where it all happens, where Christ comes to us. The altar is a portal where we go to be transported,  even transformed from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).

I could not see the tabernacle, but noted that the sanctuary light was burning, steadily illuminating the red glass suspended in mid-air. A strange sense of excitement & anticipation washed over me. The Presence was there! I had a split second inkling to show some sign of reverence, but refrained for fear that someone might see. Such is my life, lived in fear that someone might see. If seeing is believing, why would anyone believe my faith is of greater consequence than my fear? Ugh.

I'm reminded of the old saying about "leaving the light on" for a person late in coming home... and in some strange way, that's what the sanctuary light was for me this evening. I saw it & didn't have to think twice about it... Light = Presence. He was there... and I was home. 

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