Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Prayer & Fasting

I was thinking the other day about healing. Jesus healed, the disciples healed. In the scriptures, I don't recall hearing about Jesus "praying for" people to be healed... He merely touched them or spoke a word. In the book of Acts, I don't remember the disciples praying either... Like Jesus, they touched or spoke a word. Very quick, very simple.

What gives? Why do we anoint with oil & feel we have to do spiritual gymnastics in order to get God's attention? Why don't we have the same ability to look someone in the eye & see them healed by a touch or a word?

I remember the disciples once asked this question when they couldn't cast demons out of someone. Jesus told them "This kind only comes out by fasting & prayer".  I bet they started fasting & praying after that! It was all about preparation. In the moment, there's no time to petition heaven, there's no time to fast. We don't know what we're going to encounter from day to day, but we need to be ready for anything. We're either prepared or we aren't. 

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