Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Dance of Seduction

Today I was reading a book that provided meditations for the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. When it came to the crucifixion, there it was again: the tired interpretation of Jesus' arms stretched out on the cross. He's reaching out to us with arms wide open, inviting us to receive some vast, cosmic hug...

"I love you THIS much!"

But I see His arms outstretched like a victor. What do runners do when they win the race? They stretch out their arms as the tape hits them across the chest. Jesus had run the race of life & won it, arms outstretched & gasping at the finish line- otherwise known as the cross. We are called to run as well. He's the Winner, but we must also cross the finish line or be disqualified.

"Take up your cross & follow Me..."

I see arms outstretched like a dancer... He is passionate, evoking emotion with His moves. His is a dance of precision, of power. It is sensual & expertly choreographed. Its a dance of seduction. It is a dance of love, meant to melt our hearts. He wants to lead us astray from the deadly winter of this world...

“Arise, my darling, My beautiful one, and come with Me! See! The winter is past;  the rains are over and gone! Flowers appear on the earth; the season of singing has come..."

Matthew 16:24, Song of Solomon 2:10-11

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  1. That is just beautiful! Thank you for opening your heart to the Spirit moving and wooing you and us all. Thank you for being you! Thank you for sharing!