Thursday, May 10, 2012

Becoming One

The daily readings of late have to do with Jesus' teachings about the vine & branches. "Remain in Me & I will remain in you." He says. I've always thought of Jesus as a separate entity. He is the Vine & I am merely a steward, a vessel, a conduit for His life. He may live in me, but He & I aren't necessarily "one". In fact, it appears we often stand in opposition to one another- my stained humanity v.s. His perfect divinity.

"Oneness" smacks of that strange mystical union so many ancient saints talk about... The two becoming one... I wonder what it would be like to have that with Christ? He is the Vine & I am a branch... grafted in... Its a process that results in a wounding for both. Grafting is an act of intimacy. The fruit of oneness can't occur without it. Grafting is a risk. There's no guarantee it will be successful. But He comes to us who are fearful & asks us to place our hands into His wounds... to press our stained humanity into the reality of His divinity... He invites us to take His life as our own, to become "one" with Him. There's something to be said for being exposed for who you really are, accepted as such & bound to another for life... even Christ.

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