Sunday, April 15, 2012

Second Sunday of Easter

Easter just keeps going & going... Apparently the season actually lasts till the Lord's ascension. Thats fine with me. Today at Mass we had incense, a blessing with holy water & sung prayers. There's something about these special additives that are just... well, special! I think when the priest sings the prayers rather than speaking them, its kind of human & divine all rolled up in to one. The priest at my parish has a great tenor voice but sometimes flubs or seems unsure of himself... Perfection is wonderful, but the humanity he brings to it is what gets me. It reminds me that we're all coming to God with what we've been given by Him & nothing more. Its humbling.

Today the incense wafted back to the last rows where I was sitting & I couldn't help but think of the Eucharist- my first on my own, as part of the community. I was not parched like before by consuming the Body. When I reached the Blood, there was literally only half a sip left, but it was just as refreshing as it had been the 1st time. I found myself filled with such joy as I returned to my seat & sang out the last words of "Breathe", a popular worship song from my teenage years. Whatever doubts I have about my chosen expression of faith seem to melt away when I step foot in the sanctuary. Being able to partake of the Eucharist only strengthens my faith & joy. JOY! Its not been a well used word in my vocabulary until recently.

Jesus is alive & well, alleluia indeed!

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  1. Wow! How fitting! The Holy Spirit is moving. That was a powerful story!