Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make Me A... Branch?

"Lord, make me a branch..."

To become a branch, first you must blossom-
from bud to flower & servant of bee.
Learn how to grieve & weather the winter with prayer & patience till spring.
You'll bear fruit in your season when you are stronger.
But for now, hang on just a little bit longer...

Yesterday I watched the sun set behind a small tree. I got to thinking about how the thickest branches directly connected to the trunk don't bear leaves, they bear branches. The smaller branches shoot out from the larger ones & on & on. A leaf or a blossom or ripened fruit clothes a tree with substance & colour & make the tree pleasing to the senses, but its the branches that make all this possible. Without branches, the tree isn't much of a tree!

I began to think of Jesus as the tree trunk & the apostles & saints of old as the thick branches connected to Him. We are connected to various tiers of branches, which have grown out over time. The branches closest to the trunk bear a different kind of fruit. They no longer bear just a few dozen leaves, but a dozen new branches with a dozen leaves of their own. As a whole, more life can dwell in the bosom of the tree, more protection is offered in its shade. More oxygen is released into the air & more seeds can be carried off... go ye into all the world indeed. Lord, make me a branch.

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