Monday, April 16, 2012

Doubting Thomas

The Gospel for yesterday took us to the moment where Thomas placed his hands in Jesus' wounds. Father gave a corresponding homily about our perceptions v.s. reality. Thomas couldn't believe- wouldn't believe- that Jesus had risen from the dead. Even though so many people had already seen Jesus, it seemed impossible that they could be telling the truth. Thomas believed what he wanted to, but when Jesus suddenly appeared in his presence, Thomas had no choice but to abandon his point of view. He had been wrong.

I recently hurt a friend of mine because I too was a doubting Thomas. She told me she was offended by something I did & I thought it was ridiculous... impossible! Of course she was just being over-emotional & I was the rational one. It wasn't until we sat down & talked face to face that I realized I had done a great disservice to our friendship.

Thomas couldn't believe Jesus was alive till he stood face to face with Him. He had convinced himself that everyone else was crazy & he was the rational one. He wanted definitive proof & Jesus gave it to him. He showed up. In a similar way, my friend showed up on my doorstep unannounced. She invited me to place my hands into her wounds... And I had no choice but to abandon my point of view.

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