Saturday, March 17, 2012


A random question came to me today. I was actually thinking more about sleep than faith, but the query nagged.

Can I be a Catholic without all the "stuff"? By "stuff" I mean the Crucifix, the Rosary, the physical Bible, the prayer books, the icons & candles... even the Physical church with the Eucharist & Mass. I countered with "Can Protestants be without their music, emotion, celebrity teachers & Bible versions?".

What would it take to be a Christian- Catholic or Protestant- without our "stuff"? What if one day, all that was stripped from us? What if there were no more meeting places, no more public liturgy or worship, no more Bibles allowed... What if having a Rosary or a Crucifix could get you shot or imprisoned? But the question remained mine alone to answer.

Could I be a Catholic without all the stuff?
I think I could, but preparation is key. Thankfully, I know many Psalms & other scriptures pertinent to everyday life. I know what the Catechism says on major subjects & I'm learning the prayers said during Mass as well as the Rosary & others. Beyond all that however, is my faith in God. Its not based on books or teaching, but on 30 years of personal experience. Hills & valleys line my hindsight & have made me stronger. I think if I were faced with persecution, I might be able to hold onto the foundation laid within me, simply because of the journey I've been on. At least I hope so.

What of you, reader?
Could you remain what you are now if your "stuff" was stripped away?


  1. Well, I am one of those oddballs that could honestly say, yes. I could not be Catholic since I'm not one now, but I could be a recognizable by my fruit, Christian. I was talking with my mom the other day about fruit inspecting and where that crosses paths with judgment in Evangelicalism. It was good fodder for conversation. I would miss my Bible though.

  2. Good point. Beyond "stuff", fruit of one's faith can also be tangible in its own way, can't it? No one can really take away the fruit of your life, even if they imprisoned or extinguished you. If you have good faith, you will presumably bear good fruit...