Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Made In the Image

Today I spotted a lady bug crawling around on my ceiling. I rescued it from certain death & placed it outside. I got to thinking about how it must've felt to be approached from below by a monstrous giant entity, shooed into a container & then coaxed out somewhere completely new.

I wondered if God sees us like little bugs who need salvation from certain demise. But in light of the relational aspect of God, this seems ridiculous. We are made in His image. In Genesis, each life created reproduced life like itself, according to its own kind. Spiritually speaking, in Jesus, we are re-created to reproduce life not like ourselves, but Him. In Him, we are re-created according to the Eternal Spirit, not the temporal flesh. Therefore, it stands to reason that in representing His life, we also represent the life & image of God the Father.

We are made in the image of God. And yet the scriptures tell us to remember that we are but dust... But where did this dust come from? In the beginning, God created the heavens & the earth. But these things didn't merely appear "out of thin air" or "nothingness". They were God's own thoughts, now possessing substance. The heavens, the earth & all of creation were given a corporeal place- of God, yet outside of God. It seems then, there is some part of God in us. Everything that was made was not made without Him. That is to say, we don't exist apart from Him. He is the reason we live. I believe that it's our sin than separates us from the image of Divinity that we were born to represent & re-create.

We aren't just little bugs to God. We are the product of His own thoughts & desires. We are made corporeal, of His own substance- yet outside of Him. No wonder He loves us like children, wants to save us & have us with Him for eternity.

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