Saturday, March 17, 2012


I've been thinking of all the things I need to do in these next few weeks. Winter term has ended & I have a small window of opportunity to get things done that I've put off. Countless household, financial & personal pursuits wait in the queue. Somewhere in there, I also need to make my first confession, experience my first "Holy Week" & then, the big shabang- confirmation & first communion at Easter Vigil.

Much as I try, my head & heart are totally not into this Easter thing right now! How am I supposed to think about Christ & His sacrifice on the cross? How am I supposed to ruminate on what His resurrection means for me? I feel so distracted by all the other things on my plate right now. At the moment, it kind of feels like just another thing to do... another obligation on the calendar. But my "stuff" can never change God's grace or the timing of Easter. It is what it is, whether I'm fully present for it or not.

I imagine how inconvenient it must have been for Mary & the disciples to be thrust unwittingly into this drama. The most holy season of Passover was upon them & they had to prepare! And then this arrest happens. What was Jesus thinking? Why didn't He do something supernatural to confound His accusers? Surely He could have smoothed things over with His wit & wisdom. Couldn't He at least wait to do this after the holiday? It's unlikely that anyone actually understood what was about to happen that night in the garden. And in the morning, when the news broke, I wonder if people around town mocked Mary & John like the servant girls mocked Peter in the High Priest's courtyard? Scripture tells us the rest ran & holed up somewhere in the city. I probably would have been one of 'em. Jesus had been telling them for quite some time what was about to happen, but the events of the day still took them by surprise. It seems nothing could prepare them for this. That in mind, I guess we're kind of in the same boat...

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