Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Journey in Words

The other day, I was thinking about how time is getting short. I'm just 2 months away from Confirmation & I know its gonna fly. The following are some words that came to mind when I began to think of my journey so far...

excitement, anxiety, frustration, fear,
exposure, clarification, understanding, symbolism,
remembering death & resurrection in baptism,
finding meaning, uncertainty, peace, the Rosary,
Divine Mercy, Stations of the Cross, writings of the saints,
childlike, humbling, rejuvenating,
mystery, tears, Jesus, community,
the Word, submission, ancient, Mass, rituals,
icons, crucifixes, colour, candles, light,
incense, song, voices, prayer, refuge, family involvement,
presence, Mary, antiphons, the ornate Gospel Book,
celebration, seasons, milestones, Holy things, Holy God,
communion of saints, authority, truth, kindness, forgiveness,
oil, love, kneeling, bowing, altar, sanctuary light, tabernacle,
adoration, silence, consolation, wisdom, Holy Spirit, Eucharist.

In contrast, this is what I tend to think of when I remember my Protestant roots:

feeling lost, feeling empty,
exposition of scripture with differing opinions, often condescending,
lacking authority, nothing "sacred" in church- its just 4 walls & a roof,
loud & emotional worship music, "me" focused,
well intentioned, fellowship, smiles & kindness,
communion cups & oyster crackers, "anything goes" mentality,
little or no knowledge of church history between the apostles & the reformation,
Bible studies by Christian celebrities,
the bare cross, feeling like I'm "just there" to sing a few songs,
listening to long sermons while my body parts grow numb,
walking away with the same burdens & hunger for Jesus I had when I walked in.

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