Monday, January 23, 2012

Part 5 Intro To Salvation (Man Made Inventions)

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As Christians, we're familiar with the concept of baptism. We get baptised as a sign of our devotion to Jesus & follow Him into symbolic death & life. Some of us get married & raise our kids in the church. Most of us take communion “in remembrance of Him”. If we're honest, we know the value of repenting to another a human soul & asking forgiveness for our sins. Some of us may feel “called” to ministry. And when we get sick, maybe we seek out prayer from someone we respect. If you were practically weened in the pew, it was probably a big deal that you “graduated” from Sunday school when you finally hit your teen years.

If you're a Christian, can you relate? Because what I've just described are the seven sacraments in a nutshell. I've heard it said that if you follow Christ, you don't need sacraments. Sacraments, after all, are just man made inventions that usurp the authority & power of Jesus. But I'd like to invite you to think of your faith, your life as a regular ol' Christian without baptism, communion, repentance or a sense of life “calling”. Think of what you would do if you were sick & there was no such thing as anointing oil & intercessory prayer, no distinction between kiddie church & adult church, no sanctity of marriage. Sounds kind of dull to me... sounds kind of secular.

If the sacraments are just man made inventions, why bother? But if they add something to our faith, if they somehow lead us closer to Christ, then would it be fair to surmise that they're actually necessary in order for us to experience the reality of our salvation?

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