Tuesday, January 17, 2012

From Water to Wine

In most religious art, Jesus is a thin, well groomed white man with piercing eyes & a stiff presence. He doesn't seem like the kind of guy you would see "kicking back" with His buddies at the end of the day. We imagine He speaks like He's narrating some bland documentary or works the crowds like an old royal dignitary.

Jesus was in His 30's when He started His ministry. Imagine your modern day 30ish guy... Now imagine he's Jewish. He's worked as a carpenter for years- first as His father's apprentice & now he calls the shots. He doesn't have modern technology. There are no power tools, chainsaws or nail guns. He does everything old school. Imagine his hands... perhaps they're big, scraped & blistered. Perhaps there's dirt encrusted into every crevice & deep under his nails. Maybe his cuticles are dry & bloody. Think about his physique- he must have some strength to be able to handle raw materials & then to saw, hammer & form the finished product into a table, a chair, a cart. He probably has a good appetite too! Imagine how your 30ish carpenter speaks. He's a blue collar worker, an "everyman". If he wants business, he has to put himself out there & talk to people. He'll talk to anyone at anytime & always has a story to tell. Know anyone like that? He's always got a smile & he's passionate about the causes that are important to him...

He has some family around- a mom, some half brothers from his father's previous marriage & a wacky cousin who lives out in the desert. He's a preacher, kind of "granola". He wears hair shirts & eats bugs. It makes him feel close to the land I guess. They see each other around once in a while, but they don't really get together as often as they'd like. He also has a friend who has 2 sisters. He hangs out with them quite a bit. He likes the one, but the other is a little obnoxious. He's not looking for a girlfriend though. He's got other plans.

When I think of Jesus like this, the scrawny, intensely dull white man disappears. I begin to see someone human... surviving in the world just like the rest of us. He was God, but He was God in flesh. He walked in our nappy shoes for 30 some odd years & no one expected anything out of the ordinary. He was "just some guy" till Cana. Then He became a prophet, a teacher, a leader & eventually, Lord & Saviour. But He was always these things, even when He was "just some guy"...

What about you or I? What have we always been that we may not be now? What is our "Cana" going to be & reveal about us to the world?


  1. You are so good at stirring the imagination like this. Thank you!

  2. Thanks. I am but a wooden spoon! :)