Thursday, December 22, 2011

Worship or Laundry List?

I've been thinking about the differences between Catholic worship & Protestant worship. Note sometime, the words you sing from Sunday to Sunday. As a Protestant, I remember constantly singing something about my weakness, my need, my desire for something more from God. Seems pious enough, humbling myself & all. But the focus was on me, not God... not so pious afterall.

As I journey toward Catholicism, I've noticed a difference in the songs we sing. Just flipping through the Missal, one can see the words tend to recount Who God is & what He's done... Much of it is actually scripture. Catholic worship is not so much me striving & grasping for something from God, but rather, me offering my thanks & praise to God. I think the law of reaping & sowing can be applied here. It seems the more we sow in worship, the more we actually reap from Him. While that shouldn't be our sole motivation, perhaps it can give us the courage to put Him first, above ourselves. He is a good God. He knows what we need. Can't we put our needs aside but for a moment?

When we come together to worship the Lord, are we worshiping in Spirit & in truth or are we merely submitting our laundry list to Him? I've heard it said that worship is as much for us as it is for God. But I think this concept is misunderstood... We shouldn't be seeking warm fuzzies & goosebumps to make ourselves feel better. The benefit we ought to be seeking from worship is a glimpse into the mystery of faith we're part of. Who is our god? If we aren't seeking the One True God in worship for love of God alone, it just isn't worship.

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