Saturday, December 10, 2011

Tiny Moments

My best friend just graduated from a Christian University. It was standing room only in the church & I noticed how this rite was much like my own recent rite of welcome. Professors in their academic regalia led the graduates past family & friends in precession, much like the priest led us to the altar one Sunday during mass. After an opening prayer, a hymn & what was supposed to be a graduation address (but ended up feeling more like a sermon), the first graduates were called. Since my friend had earned her Master's, she was first "hooded", presented her degree & walked off stage after shaking some hands. That was it. That was her moment. Eighty some odd students each had their "moments" & then it was done. A closing hymn & a prayer sent us off unceremoniously to the foyer for refreshments. My friend & I had waited for this day since she began this journey two years ago & now that it was over, we were left feeling a little empty... though for different reasons. For me, it felt deflating that she had worked so hard to reach this point & then it was just...done. I can't help but wonder if it will be like that for me on Easter when I expect to be received into the church... When my moment has passed, then what? Will I too feel empty? Will I feel lost? Thankfully, faith is not like academics in that one is always learning & living the journey in some way. Faith is not a "closed canon" learned in a classroom or culminating in distinctions or degrees. Faith, it seems, is not one big moment alone, but many tiny moments stitched together...

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