Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Plotting the Course

It seems God has been plotting my course all along. Someone asked me how it is that I came to pursue Catholicism. I can assure you I didn't just wake up one day & decide I wanted to be a Catholic! I've written some about my influences in childhood- my Catholic neighbors, Catholic Bazaars, movies & tv shows with Catholic characters or themes... But my real interest began when I was a teenager. I had been looking for some Christian music, so my uncle let me borrow some of his old 70's records. I heard artists like Silverwind, Honeytree, Keith Green, Evie, 2nd Chapter of Acts and most importantly, John Michael Talbot. It was his album "The Lord's Supper" that had the most profound
effect on my soul. I had never heard anything like it. I began to hunt for his music, acquiring albums such as "Hiding Place" & "The Lover & the Beloved". There was something in this man's voice that made me believe He really believed what he was singing. I wanted whatever it was he had. I knew he was a Catholic... and I felt like I wanted to be one too. It wasn't until several years later, after I had been away from church for a while, that I began to consider Catholicism as a viable option. I'd had it with the whole of Christianity. In a last ditch effort to find truth, I began to read about church history, church fathers... I was particularly interested in the pre-Constantine era (from the time of the Apostles to about 300 A.D.). What I found startled me. I read the Bible again, confirming my suspicions that my former denomination- heck, Protestantism altogether, was not a true representation of the historical church. I was now in my 30's. I was too frightened to attend mass, talk to a priest or join RCIA, so I read books. I bought a rosary, I prayed Catholic prayers. But it didn't go beyond that. I ended up joining an Evangelical Free church instead. Fast forward nearly 5 years. This summer, I took a religion class at the community college. On the last day, the teacher arranged for us to tour a Catholic church. The woman giving the tour would later become my RCIA director. As she explained the different functions of symbolism in various places in the sanctuary, I was overcome. It was that day that I knew I had to pursue this til I couldn't pursue it anymore... I signed up for RCIA & the rest is history...

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