Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Cyrenian

Today is Tuesday, the day to pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary. I recently found a website that offers a scriptural rosary where a scripture is given for contemplation during each "Hail Mary". As I was contemplating the 4th Sorrowful Mystery, one of the scriptures assigned told about how Simon of Cyrene was "pressed into service". He was the one who carried Jesus' cross. I got to thinking about the significance of this moment. It's often said that Jesus carried His own cross up the hill & so should we. Afterall, He Himself tells us to take up our cross & follow Him, right? But it seems even He needed help to bear the burden. The significance of the Cyrenian not only attests to this fact, but magnifies our own humanity; that is, our own need for help. It seems God deliberately meant to enlist the help of humanity in the process of salvation. From the womb of Mary to the back of the Cyrenian, humanity has played an integral part in the story. Without us, there would be no story. We can't know if Simon of Cyrene felt anything for Jesus as he was "pressed into service", but we certainly have a choice to bear one another's burdens out of love for God. Could this be the "light & easy" yoke Jesus wants us to take up? Is this how we find our rest in Him? Is this how we can learn of His gentleness, His humility & meekness? What was the significance of the Cyrenian's presence to Jesus? Perhaps a better question might be what would the Cyrenian mean to us if we were Jesus in that moment? Or what might our presence mean to someone else even now? He's written us in. We're part of the story...

Scriptural Rosary

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