Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Favorite Mysteries

On Tuesday & Fridays, the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are recited. These have become my favorite, hands down. It's not because I'm dark & find some sick kind of satisfaction in the remembrance of Christ's suffering. On the contrary, His suffering brings me peace. The five Mysteries are: Agony in the garden, Scourging at the pillar, Crowning with thorns, Carrying of the cross, Crucifixion. I find myself thinking more about the mental brutality He endured during these acts rather than the more obvious physical effects. When He was betrayed in the garden, He had already been on an emotional roller coaster with the last supper, the sweating drops of blood as He cried out to God, the frustration with His disciples sleeping... If that wasn't enough, Judas showed up with a crowd of soldiers who came to arrest Him. Jesus is led away to stand before Pilate. Its the middle of the night... He is accused, scourged, mocked, weighted with a crown of thorns & led out to Golgatha with His cross come morning. By this time, He had been up all night. His flesh was torn, bloody, aching. Maybe He was hungry. Think about how you feel when you're up all night... and then couple that with physical pain, hunger & an active thought life. What was He thinking as He listened to people condemn Him, whip Him, beat Him, strip & mock Him? Was He thinking He was so tired, that He just wanted to get it over with? Was He angry inside? Was He sad? Scared? Was he thinking about you & me & the souls He would save by His obedience to death on a cross? Did He feel confident that His God, the Father Almighty, would swoop down & save the day? Was He at all nervous or unsure that everything would go according to plan? He didn't sound too convinced on the cross for a while there... Considering Jesus' thoughts as He was suffering brings me peace. He must've gone through the gammut of emotions if He was fully human. He must know what I go through in my own daily trials... when I feel alone, imprisoned, betrayed, mocked, beaten down, exposed, tired, hungry, sad. I have trouble connecting with the physical brutality of these mysteries because I've never experienced nor witnessed such things first hand. But the internal sense of brutality is very real, very raw. I know the sting, as most of us do... And that's what makes these mysteries my favorite.

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