Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Are we "creating" Christians or growing denominations? Shouldn't a person who becomes a Christian be made aware of their options? As in, if a Catholic evangelizes, does the convert have to enter the Catholic church? Why? Because salvation is only found in the Church? If a Protestant evangelizes, do they have to be Protestant? Why? Because the Christian can only experience the freedom & assurance of salvation as a Protestant? Why can't we just present the good news that Christ saves & let converts be "Christian" so long as they walk out their faith- in faith- by God's grace? All sorts of theological arguments come to mind... what about the authority of the Bible or tradition, what about faith v.s. works, etc.? We go round & round in our discussions only to end up retreating to our own sides at the end of the day. God is not the Author of confusion. Yet there's so much of it these days in Christendom.

Could it be we who call ourselves Christians are a little less Christian than we thought? Is the thought of relaxing the dividing lines of denominational security just the subtle 'evil' of ecumenicism, spreading error & heresy like yeast among lumps of dough? Or could this possibly be closer to the original intent & purpose of Christianity? Do we follow Christ or not? Have we forgotten that the Body of Christ has many parts?

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