Sunday, November 6, 2011


"Your fortitude will determine whether you are truly a failure or not."

This came to me last week as I was tramping through the warehouse filling orders. I had received my current numbers for math earlier that day & realized there was no way I could pull out. I thought if I pushed through, spent more time with the material & got help, that I could do it, I could squeeze out a "C". But the reality was that I was going to fail this class, kill my GPA & my self confidence right along with it if I didn't do something. This of course, plunged me into a familiar darkness, so I prayed. I had no clue what to do. I wrote my teacher, who suggested I audit the class rather than drop it. The only catch was I had exactly 3 hours to do it b/c the deadline to drop or change status was fast approaching. Thank God I accepted defeat & chose to audit rather than trying to stubbornly forge ahead. I made the deadline & am set to try again come winter. I'm frustrated, but I can definitely feel the weight lifted from my shoulders. Sometimes its necessary to back off & take things a little slower in order to reach the higher goal...

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