Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Missing the Point

Seriously, why is the Catholic church still in existence after 2,000 years? Why, after 500 some odd years of disagreement, does the Protestant church still oppose Rome with the same tired arguments? And why hasn't Rome fought back with the apologetic vehemence the Protestants seem to wield? The Catholic church, for the most part, hasn't changed the core doctrines it was founded upon. Yet Protestants still say Catholics worship a false God of their own making. They say paganism is blatant. How dare Catholics presume they're the one true church!
Because tradition is given equal footing with & occasionally even surpasses scripture in some areas, Catholicism is clearly wrong. Yet even the apostle John said so much more could be written about all Jesus said & did on this earth... So why confine God's work to the parameters of the Bible only? The Bible never claims its the handbook for life. It does not give life, it points toward life. Yes, it is alive, living & active, dividing between joint & marrow, etc., it is inspired by God & useful for teaching & rebuking & training in righteousness, but no book gives us life. That job is Jesus' alone. He is the Way, the Truth, the Life. In Him we live & move & have our being. Simply saying that He is the Word is not enough- the written scriptures only point to Jesus, they don't contain the fullness of who He is. He Himself said why don't you come to ME to have life?! Yes, Catholicism has its troubles. I think, for instance, if they want to demystify praying "with" or honouring Mary & the saints, perhaps they shouldn't choose words like "veneration" or "prayer" to describe practices people typically reserve for God. Non- Catholics see these things as worship or talking to the dead. Yet the church hasn't made a move to change the official lingo regarding such topics. I have to wonder why this is... Either they know what they know based on some authority or they are mocking millions of people to their faces. Which could it be?

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