Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mary's Scrapbook

Oh yes, its another post about the Rosary. Each "Hail Mary" has become a petition for help to get to know her Son better. Now most Protestants would say that's not necessary because we can go straight to Jesus. Some would say its the Holy Spirit who teaches us about Jesus, not Mary. I agree with this, but I've begun to see it in a different way as well. God, via the Holy Spirit, leads me to Jesus through Mary. Whoa there, cowgirl. I know, it sounds heretical. But hold on & consider the process of marriage in more traditional cultures. The parents, the family, even the community are involved in the process. One comes to know their fiance one on one, but also through the involvement of others. If the physical world foreshadows the spiritual, why not in this instance as well? We are told we are the bride of Christ & that we can grow closer to Him when we gather as a community in His name. We are told to pursue a personal relationship with Him. So what about Mary? In a traditional relationship, the parents play an active role. If God's Holy Spirit reveals Jesus through the written word, how can Mary also show me Jesus? When I pray the Rosary, I can picture her next to me with a scrapbook of sorts, showing me pictures of His life through each "decade" (much like a mother might do). Since we know she could not be His mother except by the power of the Holy Spirit, "to Jesus through Mary" seems... less offensive. Is it all a ruse? A wile of the "enemy"? I don't know yet. Just making observations.

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