Saturday, September 3, 2011

Tis the Season...

...for spiders, that is. It seems there's a bumper crop full of 'em this year, crawling in from every crevice to seek refuge with me, of all people. I don't like spiders, but they fascinate me. I usually enjoy this fascination out of doors however.

This evening, I spotted something writhing about on the carpet, so I bent down to see what it was. It was no spider as I had feared, but the giant horsefly that had been making it's rounds through the house all day. He was struggling in a dusty web attached to an end table (Note to self: dust.). Anyway, this beefy fly was caught only by the very tip of his right wing & nothing more. He twisted & turned until he was plum tuckered out. It was then that the owner of the web, a very tiny spider, came meandering down a thread to inspect his catch. The fly was probably 4x bigger than this little guy, but the spider was bold & descended upon its stomach to paralyze him. The fly gave no fight. He would make a tasty meal... perhaps a last one, if I ever get around to evicting my little squatter.

The thing that got me was how big this fly was in comparison to the spider. I expected he could get himself out of such a predicament by sheer strength. He was only caught by the very tip of his right wing after all. It certainly wasn't a mortal wound or moral failure on the part of the fly... He just happened to get too close to the web. I wonder how often we have the same mindset about sin & indiscretions... Do we think we can break free because we're only caught a little? Perhaps we scoff at the tiny spider waiting in the wings, not knowing that he's biding his time till we wear ourselves out with all the struggling. Our size & our strength can't save us. The flimsy silken net is deceptively deadly. We're doomed to become prey, paralyzed & drained of life unless we're rescued from this tangled web woven for us.

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