Friday, September 30, 2011

Portrait of Peter?

So I've been reading various websites from various sources on the subject of paganism & the Catholic church. I can't deny that there are striking similarities between ancient Babylonian beliefs & (what I'll just call "The List" of) basic Catholic understanding. I can't deny that they seem to have deliberately changed the 10 commandments- altogether deleting the 2nd one that talks about not making graven images & bowing down to them or worshiping them. Part of me wants to jump on this bandwagon & shout "A-HA!" But then I wonder, how could deception be so ridiculously blatant? If the Catholic faith is truly rooted in paganism & deception, wouldn't you think the lying spirit behind it would do a better job disguising it? Or perhaps there's no need if the Catholic church sets itself up as the authority on scripture & all matters concerning the faith. If that's the case, what motivation would the faithful have to even read, let alone understand their Bibles with discernment? I suppose deception doesn't always have to be subtle... But a truly good one seems to start out that way.

Another question I have is how has the Catholic church survived for nearly 2,000 years? Was it because everyone was too afraid to buck the system for fear of punishment or death? That's not been the case since Luther burst onto the scene. Yet even with the countless Protestant denominations that have risen up over the last 500 years, Catholicism remains. Is it just a revival of ancient Babylonian practices? Or is it the "church" that Christ instituted for us? The Catholic church has made so many mistakes over the centuries, I would have expected it to melt into obscurity like some kooky fringe group. Yet it remains.

I also would have expected John to be entrusted with the church, but instead, it was Peter. Or was it? There's debate about this too. Still, there's no denying that Peter was a head honcho according to Acts... and Peter was apparently chosen over John for a reason. Remember Peter, a rough & tumble sort, always putting his foot in his mouth, always full of vigor & faith... at least when it was convenient. Who could forget his boldness, his walking out on the water, only to shriek with fear moments later at his sinking? And lets not forget how he denied even knowing Christ on the fateful night... just hours after the Last Supper no less. That boy took off & wept like a baby when he realized what he had done. Yet when Jesus came to him later, Peter saw Him from a distance & took off running, dashing through the waters half naked just to get to Him. I can neither confirm nor deny pagan influence or revival as it concerns current beliefs & practices sanctioned within the Catholic church. But perhaps Peter is a better, more accurate portrait we can use to shed light on the identity & purpose of Catholicism.

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