Thursday, September 15, 2011

Painting Lines

I was walking to the grocery store when I spotted a hurking mass of metal & flashing lights on the corner. It was one of those road stripers, warning everyone of a wet, white line. There was quite a commotion– no one seemed to know what to do. Traffic was at a standstill. When I returned home, the striper was no where to be found & a single bright, white line designated a new bike lane. A few hours later when I woke from a nap, I looked out my window to discover the detailed fog & the divider lines all the way up the road, each in respective bright new white or gold. The brightness of the paint really stood out against the asphalt & the cool, grey clouds looming above. I hadn't heard a thing. It happened while I was sleeping.

Tonight is the first night of RCIA & I find it fitting that I've awakened to bright, new lines drawn on my street. They stand out against the cool grey of my own heart... They herald clarity, definition & the understood necessity of their existence that had worn away over time...

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