Sunday, September 18, 2011

Foster Child

"The world needs Protestants." This is the phrase that went through my head when I visited a charismatic meeting the other night. They worshiped God, they prayed much, they read from the Bible. They danced, they shouted, they laughed & swayed. They smiled. A lot. Still, I thought the evening was disorderly, irreverent at times & forced. It seemed to be all about getting caught up in the emotion to attain some kind of blessing.

The world needs these Protestants too. Why? Well for one, everybody is different. Some folks might languish in a Catholic church, but thrive in a charismatic congregation. I feel my experience with (this) Protestantism left me increasingly empty & disappointed. It took me years to realize that emotion can become mere filler that doesn't necessarily equal faith. It took me years to realize I had no clue Who God was. Not that I do now. But I think I get a greater understanding of Him via Catholicism. I always think that it was me who abandoned (this) Protestantism, but in a way, (this) Protestantism abandoned me. It left me wanting on God's doorstep & Catholicism was there. Even in my short time of exploration, she's shown me a family in the saints, tradition in the faith & discipline in practice that leads to a deeper understanding of Father God's love for me. I am, in truth, a foster child of faith.

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