Friday, September 16, 2011


Today I watched a Canadian Mass online. I went to a Catholic website for readings of the day & was slightly surprised to discover they were the same as those read in the mass I had just viewed. I then remembered there was a mass on the local Catholic radio station at noon. Curious, I tuned in. They also had the same readings & celebrated the same saints, but they had bits in Latin & the homily differed. One spoke of secularism & shared encouragement from Pope Benedict to “Fight the good fight” & the other took the message of the reading quite literally & spoke about the love of money. The thing that impressed me most was the cohesion between these three. No matter where I looked, the same scriptures were there... the same martyrs were celebrated & the red vestments were called for in their honour.

Friday, September 16, 2011
St. Cornelius, Pope, Martyr and St. Cyprian, Bishop, Martyr
1 Timothy 6:2-12
Psalm 49:6-10, 17-20
Luke 8:1-3

I wonder if you can imagine the sense of excitement this instills in me, to realize that as I hear these readings, someone on the other side of the world is most likely hearing the same thing. Their local priests are probably clad in red to celebrate the same martyrs. Just as we Protestants marvel that the Bible came from so many sources yet is cohesive to form one story, so I marvel that there is such cohesion among the Catholic church, even over so many miles & in the midst of so many individuals. On any given day, in almost any place in the world, I can share in this community.

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