Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Born Good?

I don't have time to give the concept of being born good or evil much thought at the moment. However, its definitely something that's been on my mind since my conversation with my RCIA director. She said something to the effect that in Protestantism, they believe we are born "bad". Catholics, on the other hand, believe we are born good. I have always believed we are born bad also, simply because of the scriptures that say "There is no one righteous, no not one", and, "Why do you call me good? No one is good except God". Seems pretty cut & dried. I've even heard somewhere that we're sinful from birth, born into sin, etc. This certainly echoes the cry of the Psalmists, but is it really true?
Doesn't one sin only if they make a choice for or against something? If they don't know it's sin, if no one tells them, its technically not sin for them... But once they know, they are held accountable. So are we really born sinful? I believe we are born with the potential to be sinful, but it can't really manifest until we are able to comprehend right from wrong. Only then do we gain the ability to really choose to be "good" or "bad". Why baptize babies, then? That one, I know nothing about... Not really pertinent since I don't have one. But I imagine its a way to set the baby apart as God's... much like our Protestant baby dedications. I don't think baptising a baby can be a failsafe for salvation once they hit the age of reason. Who knows, maybe we ARE born good... innocent, if only for a short time. No wonder the birth of a child sparks such wonder in people, changes them...

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