Friday, August 19, 2011


Why would I even consider becoming a Catholic?
I've compiled here (& will continue to add) some reasons for and against.
Questions & comments always welcome.

I'd want to become a Catholic because:
-I want to know God.
-My faith tradition feels anemic, empty.
-I want every moment of my life to bear witness of His presence in me.
-I believe in the worth of symbolism & tradition.
-I want to know what I believe & why... there's so much division in Protestantism.
-I want to be an active participant in my faith.
-Symbolism reminds me of my heritage in Christ.
-In mass, scripture is read according to a universal schedule, not by wit or by whim.
-I believe in faith + evidential works, working out salvation with fear & trembling.
-Mass involves all my senses.
-Mass reminds me I'm not alone; rich history/heritage spans hundreds of years.
-Mass reminds me I am the Lord's.
-Mass tangibly reminds me of the reverence, the holiness, the glory due God.

Why I wouldn't want to be a Catholic:
-Would I be submitting to slavery (putting myself under law)?
-Can I be submitted to both "law" & grace?
-If I become Catholic, am I coming into agreement with it's atrocities of past & present?
-Simplicity of faith seems cluttered with requirements that distract from Christ.
-I don't believe in the infallibility of any man/woman or any doctrine espoused by such.
-I don't believe monetary offerings can purchase salvation or are indicators of true piety.
-I have trouble believing the saints that have gone before us are "free to roam about the cabin" or are able to grant favors & intercede for us before God's throne.

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