Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Tasty Green Aphid

I spent some time out on the deck today- morning coffee in hand. The sun was bright, but not so warm & the cool breeze welcomed me to its sanctuary. I was comfortable in my ratty fleece jacket & shorts. Boards creaked with each barefoot step. I thought maybe I should've made the attempt to go to church this morning... it's Sunday afterall. But I was content to remain & take in the the solitude.

As I sat down on the steps, I noticed a spider web stretched out across the span. I had inadvertently torn through it's support & I helplessly watched it drift over to the side rail. The spider affixed to it was preoccupied with a meal. He had trapped & packaged a tasty green aphid & didn't seem the least bit concerned that his web had just been obliterated. The spider wasn't about to forsake his sustenance. Even though his immediate world seemed to collapse all around him, he took the time to finish what he started. He got what he needed from the ruins, left the carcass behind & moved on.

I got to thinking, what do I do when my support is torn asunder, when I find my safe haven destroyed & drifting? Do I run from dear life or do I stay & collect every last drop before leaving the carcass behind? Can I move on to spin anew, or do I live among my ruin? Life, afterall, is not found in the web itself, but in the tasty green aphids that happen by.

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