Monday, August 15, 2011

Sola, Soli, Solo

Sola Scriptura, Soli Deo Gloria, Solo Christo, Sola Gratia & Sola Fide are called the "Five Solas of the Reformation". These mean scripture alone, for the Glory of God alone, salvation by Christ's work alone, salvation by grace alone and justification by faith alone. What do all these have in common? It's simple really, its the obvious defining word for each phrase: its the word "alone". I'm no theologian, which is also pretty obvious. But as I've been considering what I actually believe & why, this one little word has started to bother me.

When I think of the "Solas" that crown the Protestant Reformation, I think of a freeway. If you're on a freeway that passes through a city, you're most likely traveling on the fringes of the business district. You see the same things you would see in any other city. Stores, gas stations, hotels, restaurants & tourist attractions line the route. You may get a panoramic view of things from a distance, but you rarely ever get a taste for the unique heart of the place when you're jockeying for a spot in the fast lane. You would have to be deliberate about taking one exit or another. You might even have to veer miles off the main drag to reach the residential or cultural districts. You can't follow "Sola Freeway" to grasp the depth of the place. Your trip must include the freeway "and"... But that's ridiculous. Or is it?

Is there a place for tradition, history, or creativity within the "Solas"? Is there room for folklore or individual experience? Is there room for humanity? I would rather be in the heart of the city than on the freeway. There's so much more to do & see.

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