Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Silver Peach

I woke up dreaming of the catechism. In my dream, I had asked a priest why one had to go through so many hoops to prove one's faith was true. The priest gave an illustration of a man who had made a beautiful piece of fruit out of silver- a peach, I think it was. He came to the church wearing a trenchcoat & placed the fruit upon a three pronged pedestal he had fashioned for it. Beaming, he presented it to the priest saying, "Here is my fruit! Isn't it beautiful?" The priest took one look at the man & then, because this was a dream, the priest looked at me. He said "This man has come in here to show me his beautiful fruit, to prove the fruit of a life lived out of love & reverence for Christ. But look how it's tarnished! Indeed, it is still very beautiful, but this fruit is not real". The man in the trenchcoat looked dejected. The priest said to the man: " To know whether fruit is truly good or bad, you can't merely judge by looks. It may look beautiful, but if it has no taste, its function is worthless."

It was then that my alarm startled me from sleep.

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