Friday, August 26, 2011

Rise & Shine, Sleepyhead

People keep talking about this fantastic lightening storm we had lastnight. I got home well after midnight & crawled into bed. I was super tired. I heard nothing, saw nothing for the next 6 hours & woke none the wiser to the scent of wet pavement. How had I missed it? I noted the thunderheads in the sky the night prior- I knew there was a storm on the horizon somewhere, but I thought nothing of it. All was quiet here in the valley. The next day, the sky held only wispy clouds & sunshine. That evening, all was well with the world & I rested, in peace. When the storm rolled in, I had no clue. I had been sleeping afterall...

In peace, I rest; in thinly veiled death,
facing heaven with eyes sealed shut.
I, rooted to earth, lie still
waiting for what I know not.

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