Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother Mary

It's one of those nights where sleep eludes me. I keep thinking about Mary. While I can neither effectively prove nor disprove her rightful place in Christendom, I found myself uttering a "Hail Mary" this evening with great care. I began by praying first to Jesus, asking for wisdom, should I be sinning by even daring to speak to His mother. Images of Samuel being conjured by the witch of En-dor came to mind (1 Samuel 28). Was I "disturbing" Mary? Could she even hear me? Is "talking" to anyone other than Jesus/God/the Holy Spirit an act of witchcraft or was this just my Protestant mind balking? I encounter this same fear when I attempt to pray the Rosary... but tonight, I found comfort in the knowing that perhaps she really is out there, able to intercede for the saints, even for me. I found comfort in knowing that ever virgin or not, conceived without sin or with, perhaps she's able to intercede with an intimacy that comes from having been a mother. Chances are good that she felt & experienced the same things every woman feels & experiences, even me. And while the male images of Jesus & God can be altogether comforting & affirming, sometimes a girl just needs a mother...

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