Sunday, August 7, 2011

Headlong Into Darkness

It was 5am & I couldn't sleep. I had the sudden inkling to get in the car & drive somewhere to watch the sunrise. At the bottom of the hill, one must turn East or West. To the East lay the sunrise & a place to get a cup of coffee before settling in for the show. I was fully prepared to turn East when suddenly, I felt I should turn West. The nearest town was 10 miles out & I watched the sky begin to brighten in my rear view mirror as I raced headlong into the darkness. When I got to town, I pulled into an empty gravel lot between a hotel & an office building. There was a pedestrian path along the river, so I parked in the one place I could actually see the sky between the trees. I was alone & I had no idea why I was there. I could think of much better places to watch the sunrise. Or so I believed.

I pulled out my notebook & began to write. "Here I am, a spectator to the dawn of my life. A mellow pink/orange haze is bleeding into the sky, rising up like a flood overtaking the pale blue sleep... I watch the mist travel the river as shadows begin to gain definition & colour... Here a leaf, there a tree, emergent from their singular dark dimensions."

The sky faded to grey within moments... was that it? Is that what had I come to see? I was disappointed, but not yet convinced. I waited. Five or ten minutes later, there it was- the fiery sun, glowing bright like the tip of a red hot poker nudging my senses to life. It came up slowly over the trees & I couldn't help but stare. When I closed my eyes, a thousand suns met me in my darkness. I couldn't hide from it's presence.

Eventually the sun drifted off into the trees & I decided it was time to go East & get that cup of coffee. I stopped into the park I had intended to go to in the first place & was surprised to note that had I gone there, I would have missed the sunrise completely. There, the sun rose behind the park. In fact, I couldn't even see it yet, no matter where I looked!

What seemed counter intuitive was exactly what I needed to do in order to see the dawn of a new day.

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  1. Thank you T. You description had me right there next to you enjoying the sunrise!