Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Short Thoughts on the Narrow Way

Jesus tells us somewhere in the gospels that broad is the way to destruction & narrow is the way to heaven. He tells us He is the way, the truth & the life.

Imagine the throngs of people who identify themselves as Christians. They're walking in a field, some 2 by 2, others in bigger groups & still others, single file. High, dense, golden grain stalks sway in the breeze. There's no discernible path to the other side. Now imagine this great mass of humanity moving across this majestic, fruitful field. What would the field look like in the aftermath?

If there's a narrow way, this certainly wouldn't be it. The narrow way is in the woods, out on the edge of the field... Only a few will find it because only a few will actually be looking for it. I'm under the impression that some think they're on the right road because it's the one everyone else is taking. Afterall, majority rules, right?

But maybe before we launch out into the field with everyone else, we should ask: who are our traveling companions? Where are they headed? Do we want to go with them & why? Is our intent to be safe, comfortable, etc., or is it to find the narrow way at any cost? What are we willing to risk for this journey?

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