Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meditation (On A Tree Outside the Window)

How tall is it? How long has it stood in this place? How many people has it seen pass by? How many voices & sounds as it heard? How many hands have touched its bark or its leaves? Was it planted by man or by wayward seed?

How many birds have perched in its branches & made a home there? How many squirrels have enjoyed a meal beneath its lush canopy? How many bugs have eaten its leaves & gnawed pathways in its bark? How many creatures have taken refuge near its roots?

How may raindrops has this tree tasted? How many storms has it weathered? How many days of sun & heat or cold & rain has it endured? How many times has it tasted the bitter chill of ice & snow?

Think of how long it has been there & all that has been built up around it. Yet it remains. Someone thought it worthwhile to let it stand, to let it live. Let it remind you that like this tree, you are strong. Like this tree, you can endure. Like this tree, you may provide inspiration for someone else. And like this tree, Someone thought it worthwhile to let you stand, to let you live even though everything around you crumbles or changes. So stand up. Live.

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