Monday, July 4, 2011

Meditation (On Time)

According to this clock, its 11 til 3. We can assume that would be 3pm because we read the clock in daylight. If we were to read the clock in darkness, we would assume it was 3am. We know time not only by the position of the hands on the mechanism, but also by the environment surrounding us.

Though there are multiple time zones, time is the same all over the world. We all tell time by mechanism, by the movement of celestial bodies & even perhaps, by instinct. We can tell time by the movement of physical bodies- rush hour traffic can denote the morning or evening hours. Caravans of travel trailers can denote a holiday weekend. Decorations and family gatherings can denote the time for seasons like Thanksgiving or Christmas. The earth keeps its own time, season by season. We see this evidenced in the new growth of spring, the paradise of summer, the slow death of autumn, the perceived stagnancy of winter, year in & year out.

What is it within us that causes us to feel the need to measure time, to control it? We might argue that we do it out of necessity. We do it so we can stay organized & balanced. We keep time to keep us on track. But what if we went without our time keeping mechanisms for a day? It would be nearly impossible to do as most of us are so tied to our schedules. But what if? How would you approach your day differently? Would you drive yourself crazy wondering what time it was? Would you feel more (or less) stressed concerning the daily expectations you have for yourself? Would you perhaps adopt a more leisurely pace?

We are slaves to the mechanisms we use to measure time. But time "was" even before we developed increments and hours. Can we learn to simply "be" as if there were no degrees, no boundaries, no obstacles to hold us back? Can we simply "exist" within time without being slaves to our perceptions of it?

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