Saturday, July 2, 2011

Meditation (On A Spider's Web)

Take a look at this spider's web. It bears the marks of imperfection. These "web wounds" were caused by passing debris or food that got caught in it's sticky trap. You can also see that the spider has rid the web of these things so you can't tell exactly what it was that caused the silken filament to break. You can only see the after effects. The spider doesn't seem to care. It isn't interested in tearing the web apart & starting over. There's no need. There's still plenty of pristine web to be used. The "wounded webbing" can be repaired.

Think about what would qualify as passing debris in your own life. These are the things that get caught in your web. Think about what feeds you (excites you, moves you). The consequence is the same. Your silken filament will tear to accommodate the weight of "things". You can choose to let the debris remain and clutter your web or you can remove it. You can choose to let the "food" sit or you can consume it & let it sustain you. This, after all, is the intended purpose of the web. Bear in mind, your wounded web can be fixed, but only if those things "caught" (be they debris or food), are removed.

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  1. This meditation really speaks to me now T. Writing a message for the youth girls on how the "damage in their web" does not need to define who they are. I have found that my web damage was turned to good. But only God can do that...and only if I am willing. Glad to see your blogging:)