Sunday, July 3, 2011

Meditation (On Light)

Light a candle in the dark. Watch the flame rise. Notice how the flame is never stagnant. It flickers, it pulsates, it dances on the wick. The flame casts shadows on your surroundings. Some objects suddenly gain the illusion of depth, while others fade into the darkness. If you move about with the candle in hand, your surroundings change. Light & depth move with you as darkness melts behind you.

What's your light in the darkness of life? What gives your ordinary surroundings a sense of depth? What causes the darkness to melt behind you? Or are you content to let your candle cast it's light into a solitary corner? Your eyes grow familiar with the shadows. You get comfortable. You become stagnant.

Perhaps you light many candles in many different places. This may provide ample light, but revelation hides in the shadows, waiting to be seen. Darkness is a part of life, so find something that sparks you & carry it with you. Remember that movement makes a difference.

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