Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meditation (On A Journey)

When you go on a journey, do you typically choose your companions because you are friends? Is it because you have the same interests in common? The same time available? Do you ever choose your companions out of obligation or necessity?

If you were to go on a journey with Jesus, what would that look like? Would He be like a back seat driver of sorts & critique of your every move & interaction? Or would He perhaps be like a child that wants something every other mile? Would He sit up front & talk your ear off? Would He stink up the car with the sandwich He got at the last stop & drop mustard laden lettuce on the floor mat? Or would He perhaps be content to remain silently in the back with His I-Pod & watch the world from His window- disconnected?

Suppose you don't have the luxury of a vehicle. You must walk together for a day. Think about how that realization makes you feel. Do you have a sense of excitement? Hesitation? What kind of thoughts go through your head when you discover that you will be alone together for a full day? Do you wonder what you'll talk about? Do you have in mind to ask Him all the questions you've ever wanted to ask? Or do you fear that He will want to pry you with questions of His own?

The primary question is this: do you feel you know Him & share a common interest? Or is Jesus more of a parasite, a responsibility, a source of anxiety to you? Is He an acquaintance or more of an intimate part of who you are? If you don't feel that you know Him & share a common interest, do you want to? And if not, why? What are your thoughts & concerns about making a journey together?


  1. Incidentally, for me, Jesus is a responsibility, a source of anxiety, an acquaintance. I think I want more, think I want to know Him better, but there is definitely a sense of apprehension. I keep my distance. I dread what He'll ask or require of me. Perhaps He'll want me to go 2 miles instead of one. Maybe He'll want my jacket & my last granola bar. Can I surrender all I am to walk in step with Him or will I continue to lag behind?

  2. Maybe you will find that what He asks of you is what you have always dreamed He would ask of you! Or maybe he will give you the courage to face a task you thought you would have hated only to find out that you love it. I think that is how He is. I think He loves to surprise and delight us when we are obedient to Him and walk in His ways.