Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meditation (On Home)

Home is where you keep your valuables, your memories, perhaps even the seed for your future. Home is where you store all you own. If you're lucky, home is where you can be you, think what you like, even drink coffee at midnight. Your clothes don't have to match. You don't have to look a certain way for anyone. You can relax. You can simply be. Home is more than a structure or a mortgage payment, more than an address. Home is where you keep your self. You can invite anyone you wish into your home or you can lock your windows & doors.

What would happen if we truly invited Jesus into our heart, into our home? This question has been posed before. You might scurry about, attempting to hide anything "questionable". You'd be on your best behavior, biting your nails, hoping He didn't stay long or look in the linen closet.

Is this really the image we have of Jesus? Have we forgotten that He ate & drank with tax collectors, prostitutes & the despised & the poor of His day? Are we any better or worse? At our best, would He congratulate us for our exemplary holiness? Even the rich young ruler who thought he had kept the commandments all his life fell short. Would Jesus cast the first stone to condemn us? Despite our obvious shortcomings, I venture to say He would be more inclined to hang out & engage us in conversation over soup & salad.

What's our threshold for company in our home? Does Jesus get to stay or will we kick Him out when we're tired, when His presence becomes inconvenient or incompatible with our lifestyle? What if we truly learned how to live in relationship with Him? How would home be different? Would we change our lifestyle (perhaps begrudgingly) to accommodate Him? Would we consent to live with the burden of what we think His expectations of us are or would we still feel the freedom to "be"? How would our hearts be changed? How would life be different?

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