Saturday, July 9, 2011

Meditation (On Fruit)

Any ideas what these are? They're apples. They don't look much like apples at the moment, do they? But in time, they will grow heavy on the branches. Some may fall to the ground before they mature. Some might become victims of disease or food for passing insects & animals. Others will mature & take on that rich red colour that invites our craving.

An apple tree in particular needs a few things to make the grade: pollination, full sunlight & lots of space to develop a root system. It needs to be pruned so it develops horizontal branches. Allowing the tree to grow straight up can actually hinder its ability to bear quality fruit. Its also helpful to plant a variety of apple trees next to one another to increase the chances of pollination.

Think about how this information might relate to your own life. Are there a variety of other apple trees around you that can increase your potential to bear more fruit? Do you have access to full sunlight? Do you have lots of space to stretch out & sink your roots deep? Do you have support to develop a stable trunk? Are your branches being trained to reach out as well as up? This interdependency is at the core of fruit bearing. Fruit (good or bad) does not simply appear. It takes time for buds to form. It takes time for blossoms to burst open. It takes time for fruit to emerge. Good fruit comes by interdependence, patience & care.

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