Monday, July 18, 2011

Meditation (On Distraction)

I'm a part time student these days. I just got out of class & had the option to spend my time at home or hit the campus library to study. I chose to nest in the library for a bit. Clearly, I'm not studying at the moment, but there is much less distraction here than at home. At home, I'm compelled to make a pot of coffee, to eat, to read books that aren't related to my classes, to engage in creative projects that are also unrelated to class, surf the web, clean, and x, y & z. At home, I can kick off my shoes & be myself. Here in the library, I'm still faced with distraction, but of a much different kind. I'm also much more aware of what I'm doing, which can be helpful when I need to focus on a task. It would be easy to default to home b/c of it's familiarity, its perks... But sometimes the familiar can be distracting & lull me into a stupor of sorts.

So I'm hanging out in the library with the 2 oz of cold coffee left over from class & a gurgling stomach. I could be home having nachos, but I'm confined to a tiny cubicle with little distraction (save the occasional passer by & the row of titles pertaining to cinematic studies to my left). My environment is hardly stimulating, but this is exactly what I need to focus.

The point I think I'm trying to make here is that sometimes the comfortable, the familiar can influence our progress (or the desire to progress) in a negative way. We may need to challenge ourselves to seek out & experience a different environment- perhaps a much less stimulating one- in order to find a renewed focus.

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