Friday, July 22, 2011

Lastnight I Went A'Screaming...

For days, I had been carrying around a tangled mass of undefinable emotion that I couldn't express. Nothing seemed to help- not prayer, not talking to a friend, not sleep or coffee, not even the sun. I got in the car one night & started driving east. I had no idea where I was headed, no specific destination in mind, no clue why I was even on the road at that hour. I knew only that I wanted to be out in the rural void. As street lights & mailboxes began to disappear, I heard my still, small voice tell me to scream. "What?! I can't scream! I don't scream! I don't even know how!" But I drove a little while longer & decided to let loose. It surprised even me. I screamed past sleepy farmhouses, I screamed past dew drenched fields... I hung onto the steering wheel for dear life. Each time, I felt it in my body a little deeper. It was somehow purifying. Sometimes one needs to scream to remember who they are.

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